I was born in Caracas in 1969 where I grew up in a thriving cultural period. The metropolis offers countless experiences in the pictorial and sculptural field, allowing citizens to merge with an environment full of contemporary works. Artistic ferment is constant, art is for everyone and above all students enjoy it. After attending the degree course in Communication Sciences at the Catholic University of Caracas, I moved to Milan and attended the Paolo Grassi school where I obtained a diploma in dramaturgy. In 1995 I moved to Naples going to meet a “chaos” that unavoidable stimulates every creative aspect. I dedicate myself to theater research, cinema, writing and at the same time I worked in a company where I learned to love non-traditional jewelry. I decide to deepen this passion and channel my creative potential in a single artistic path: Contemporary jewelry. I became the Genos Gioielli designer in 2014. My creative process tends to be designed, but I do not exclude one day to taste the joy of doing a work by letting me go during its creation. Indeed, the ideal would be to improvise and at the same time guide every step. As I was doing at theater. I learned something from years of theatre: When you cross the portal all the tools in the world are at your disposal to be and do what you want in complete freedom. Creativity has no limits. I am currently interested in geometric shapes, volumes and their sections. I’m having a transversal vision of things.